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Thank you for putting your trust in me four years ago when you elected me to serve on the City Council. I hope I have earned your respect as a dependable, fair, and open-minded voice. Like you, I want to keep Edina a safe, enjoyable, and welcoming place to live, both now and into the future.

I value your input and encourage you to question me, challenge me, and help me to see things from multiple perspectives. I would be honored if you would trust me to continue serving you for another four years.


Bob Stewart for City Council


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Bob Stewart exemplifies the best qualities of Edina leadership.  He is a savvy and successful businessman with integrity, basic honesty, and courage.  He has a broad range of knowledge about the challenges facing this community.  He cares deeply. Finally, he is devoted to creating an inclusive, equitable, healthy, and prosperous future for Edina.

Hope Melton

Council Member Bob Stewart truly cares about Edina families and has worked hard to keep Edina a top-tier city for its residents.

Andy Brown

Bob  always listens to constituent views. Bob is a listening, direct, honest, ethical, and reliable council person.  While I may not always agree with his position, I know he has done the work to contemplate the most advantageous results for the citizens of Edina.

H. Ronald Berg

In my active experience in Edina governance over the past decade, I’ve attended many City Council meetings. I have observed Bob Stewart being committed, engaged and prepared, even for the recent 800 and 900 page agendas for Council meetings.  I support Bob’s re-election to the Edina City Council.

Arnie Bigbee

I got to know Bob Stewart when I served on a City of Edina Task Force that created the Masterplan for the new Braemar Golf Course.  Of all the City Council members, Bob was the most visible in attending many of the task force meetings.  He always asked good questions.  I have also observed him at some of the City Council meetings and have found him to be articulate and well prepared. I will be voting for Bob Stewart for his re-election to the City Council.

Dick Brozic

I’ve known Bob for many years. I know that he cares deeply for our city and is very thoughtful when considering issues that affect the citizens of Edina.

Carol Wolfe

Bob Stewart cares deeply about his community as evidenced by his willingness to work diligently,  listen to his constituents, apply sound judgment, and make thoughtful decisions.

Ken and Cathy Liebman

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob both as member of a city committee and as a resident.  In all of my interactions with Bob, I have seen his passion for this community.  He listens, he asks questions, and he makes decisions that are for the best of the city and ALL of its residents.  Bob makes himself available to all of us and uses his role on the City Council to advocate for EVERYONE.  He sees that there are tough decisions facing this community, and he is not afraid to make tough decisions.  Bob’s interest is in Edina and its residents, and I’m proud to know him and support him for another term on the City Council.

Matt Dahlien – Parks and Recreation Commission Member

Bob is a careful listener and thinker. He has the Council experience that we need.

Allen and Judy Wehr

We have known Bob for many years.  He is straightforward, responsive, and you can count on him to do what is in the best interest of the entire city of Edina.

Andrea and Kevin Kajer

Bob has been a good steward of Edina’s resources and always willing to listen to constituent concerns. We may not always agree, but he works hard to make the right decisions and consider what is best for the residents of Edina.

Cathy and Brian Wood

Bob has been a highly engaged and responsive member of the City Council.

Bill Dubbs

Serving Edina residents on City Council is not for the faint of heart.  It’s a job that requires grace under pressure, the ability to listen and process varied opinions and perspectives, all while overcoming obstacles to make the best possible policy decisions, even those that are contentious.  Bob Stewart has proven he can handle the demands of this elected position. We need to re-elect Bob so that Edina can continue to benefit from his exemplary professional background and learned viewpoints.

Connie Carrino

Edina has been the clear beneficiary of Bob Stewart’s wisdom, common sense, humanity,  and experience in business, finance, and as an attorney during his initial term in public service as a City Council member. His work has been of the highest quality and it has been a great pleasure serving with him.

Jim Hovland, Mayor

Bob is a longtime Edina resident, deeply committed to helping the city of Edina prosper and meet the demands of the future. As an attorney, he excels at assessing all sides of a challenge. He is visionary, smart, and creative – with a very engaging personality.

Liz and Joe Neuberger

Bob Stewart is an excellent Edina City Council member. He is a good listener, thoughtful in his decision making and upholds Edina’s high standards.

Ann Swenson

Bob Stewart consistently shows his passion in representing what is best for our City of Edina. In council meetings he asks probing questions, encouraging open discussion and debate on community issues. He is always available to listen and understand divergent viewpoints. He holds to high ethical and professional standards in all his actions.

Scott Weicht

Of all the current City Council members, Bob Stewart is the only City Council member to return my emails. He asks questions about why I feel a certain way on city policies. He cares about what the residents think and how they feel city policy should be shaped.

Dan McGraw

It has been an honor to serve with Bob Stewart on the Edina City Council.  Bob puts a lot of time and energy into his council role, and is extremely intelligent, especially in financial matters.  I believe his greatest strength is his incredible human touch.  Most people who meet Bob soon consider him a friend, and this is an important attribute for a leader in our community.

Mike Fischer

Bob Stewart is a proven community leader; he is dedicated to serving all of us as citizens of Edina.  

Dick Ward