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Gabe Aderhold Clifford Anderson
Dave Anderson Mary Beth Anderson
Joe Arends Carol Arnason
Fritz Arnason Pat Arseneault
Doug Baker Julie Baker
David Battle Bernie Beaver
Joni Bennett Joni Bennett
Patrick Bennett Patrick Bennett
Betty Berg Betty Berg
Bill Berg Bill Berg
Ron Berg Arnie Bigbee
Lisa Black Steve Black
Geoff Bodeau Sandy Bodeau
John Brandel Megan Brandel
Mary Brindle Ralph Brindle
Andy Brown Carol Brozic
Dick Brozic Reid Burke
Valerie Burke Connie Carino
Bruce & Gail Carlson Cindy Castle
Jim Castle Mark Christensen
Sue Christensen Kari Ciaradelli
Ted Ciaradelli Joe Corbitt
Ed Cracraft Dick Crockett
Suzie Crockett Matt Dahlien
Anne Deanovic Pete Deanovic
Helen Demers Helen Demers
Murph Dow Rick Dow
Bill Dubbs Doug Eden
Willie Eden Christi Eichten
John Eichten Gary Eidson
John Engen Sue Engen
Michael Epstein Rebecca Epstein
Dave Etzwiler Sarah Etzwiler
Jean Evers Marilee Fasching
Laurie Fischer Mike Fischer
Jolynn Gamble Scott Gamble
Mario Garza Dan & Holly Gieseke
David Goldstein Mary Goldstein
Greg Good Kathleen Good
Anne Goskill Bob Goskill
Catherine Gump Tom Gump
Kurt Halva Lizabeth Halva
John Healy Steve Heim
Susie Heim Andy Herring
Michele Herring Jim Hickey
Tracy Hickey Max Hintz
Sandra Hintz Dave Horan
Michelle Horan Jim Hovland
LaRae Hovland Jeff Huggett
Joseph Hulbert Nicole Hulbert
Cary Humphries Margot Humphries
Patrick Hunt Cindy Huttner
Cindy Huttner Cindy Huttner
Mike Huttner Mike Huttner
Mike Huttner Frona Ites
Rick Ites Lisa Jahnke
Rich Jahnke Andrea Kajer
Kevin Kajer Ellen Kennedy
Kelly Kirsch Kyle Kirsch
Kent Kramer Mary Kruempelstaedter
Michael Landerville Leslie Langsev
Ryan Langsev Ron Leaf
Gordy Lewis Stephanie Lewis Thomas
Chuck Loeper Colleen Lucke
Steve Lucke Diane Lundquist
Dennis Maetzold Linda Maetzold
Lorene Magne Tom Magne
Kathy Masterman Mike Masterman
Marcia May Mike McFarlane
Pat McFarlane Pat McFarlane
Dan McGraw Amy McNamara
Brad McNamara Biz McShane
Michelle Meek Paul Meierant
Rachel Meierant Bill Meller
Jane Meller Hope Melton
Steve Miller Steve Miller
Lou Miranda Kim Montgomery
Stephanie Mullaney Barb Munic
Marty Munic Joe Neuberger
Liz Neuberger Regina Neville
Tom Neville Doug O'Leary
Nora O'Leary Judy O'brien
Tim O'brien Amy Olson
Amy Olson Brad Olson
Larry Olson Larry Olson
Laurie Olson Richard Olson
Timothy Olson Craig Ostrem
Linda Ostrem Mark Otness
Kip Peterson Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson Teresa Peterson
Michael Platteter Melissa Raphan
Glenn Reno Margene Reno
Lori Richman Lori Richman
Kimberly Roberts John Rocheford
John Rocheford Tom Rock
Brent Rogers Lou Rohman
Barry Rosenthal Dave Rowland
Jennifer Rowland Scott Sakaguchi
Paul Sanda Laurie Sawatzky
Randy Sawatzky Ann Schulze
Mark Schulze Craig Scofield
Karen Scofield Ann Scoggin
Danielle Sigstad TJ Sigstad
Wade Solberg Jane Soltau
Steven Soltau Lynne Stanley
Barbara Swanke Jim Swanke
Rita Swanson Scott Swanson
Ann Swenson Kim Swiler
Noah Swiler Raj Tandon
Sherry Tandon Dave Terwilliger
Ginger Terwilliger Tony Thomas
David Thompson Mary Thompson
Matt Thompson Michelle Thompson
Todd Thorsen Ross Tomoson
Tammy Tomoson Steve Veker
Kathleen Vorlicky Larry Vorlicky
Andrea Walsh Tim Walsh
Allen Wehr Judy Wehr
Scott Weicht Laine Weinberg
Richard Weinberg Jim Welna
Sue Welna Alex Welton
Kathy Welton Teri Whaley
Tom Whaley Jim White
Lisa White Colleen Wolfe
William Wolfe Brian Wood
Cathy Wood Laurie Zickert
Laurie Zickert Ralph Zickert
Ralph Zickert
Jim Hovland
Edina has been the clear beneficiary of Bob Stewart’s wisdom, common sense, humanity, and experience in business, finance, and as an attorney during his initial term in public service as a City Council member. His work has been of the highest quality and it has been a great pleasure serving with him.
Valerie Burke
I support Bob Stewart because he is a prepared and thoughtful Council member.
Matt Dahlien
Parks and Recreation Commission Member
I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob both as a member of a city committee and as a resident. In all of my interactions with Bob, I have seen his passion for the community. He listens, he asks questions, and he makes decisions that are for the best of the city and ALL of its residents.
Bob makes himself available to all of us and uses his role on the City Council to advocate for EVERYONE. He sees that there are tough decisions facing this community, and he is not afraid to make tough decisions.
Bob’s interest is in Edina and its residents, and I’m proud to know him and support him for another term on the City Council.
Bocar Kane
Edina Transportation Commission Member
I had the privilege of working with Bob Stewart as an Edina city council member and also as a member of the Edina community.
I can attest to Bob’s abilities to work on both sides of the aisle through thorough analysis of any given situation and provide solutions for moving forward that benefit Edina constituents and the city.
Bob's leadership style is monumental for Edina.
Bob’s experience both as a city council member and resident, combined with his experience in leadership make him an excellent choice for another term on the Edina city council. I fully endorse Bob Stewart to be re-elected as Edina City Council member.
Rick Ites
Listening. Thorough. Accessible. Financial Understanding. Engaged. Committed. Open. These are characteristics of an Edina City Council member that are important to me. Bob Stewart has these. Please join me in supporting his bid for re-election in November.
Jim and Tracey Hickey
We’ve known Bob for years. He is approachable, a good listener, decisive, and very smart. He is involved in our city government just because he wants to give back. More governments should have people like Bob Stewart. And, he’s a Twins fan so we should add perseverance!
Ann Swenson
Former City Council Member
Bob Stewart is an excellent Edina City Council member. He is a good listener, thoughtful in his decision making and upholds Edina’s high standards.
H. Ronald Berg
Bob always listens to constituent views.
Bob is a listening, direct, honest, ethical, and reliable council person. While I may not always agree with his position, I know he has done the work to contemplate the most advantageous results for the citizens of Edina.
Dan McGraw
Of all the current City Council members, Bob Stewart is the only City Council member to return my emails. He asks questions about why I feel a certain way on City policies. He cares about what the residents think and how they feel city policy should be shaped.
Scott Weicht
Bob Stewart consistently shows his passion in representing what is best for our City of Edina. In council meetings he asks probing questions, encouraging open discussion and debate on community issues. He is always available to listen and understand divergent viewpoints. He holds to high ethical and professional standards in all his actions.
Ellen Kennedy
I support Bob Stewart's candidacy for the Edina City Council. The City of Edina is a Human Rights City, meaning that we are part of a global network of cities whose leaders strive to foster inclusiveness, equity, and justice for all. Bob's commitment to these issues through city governance and critical policies such as affordable housing will make Edina a more vibrant and welcoming community today - and in the future.
Regina Neville
Bob is truly committed to serving Edina with integrity and informed governance. His ability to listen and work on behalf of everyone in our community defines his skilled leadership.
Ken and Cathy Liebman
Bob Stewart cares deeply about his community as evidenced by his willingness to work diligently, listen to his constituents, apply sound judgment, and make thoughtful decisions.