The Lid

The Lid (Grandview Green)

At this time, I unequivocally do not support any additional spending by the City of Edina on the Lid.

The Lid concept was under consideration when I ran for City Council four years ago, and discussion surrounding the idea had already been going on for some time. Four years ago, I thought the Lid idea was probably too “out there,” thinking the cost would never justify the benefit to Edina residents. Additionally, we didn’t even know if we could get MnDOT approval. Since then, I have learned more, including that MnDOT would support the project and that it could be economically feasible.

I want to be clear that I am not a proponent of the Lid.

The concept is still in its formative stage, so to begin with, I do not believe it is ripe for any action. Furthermore, I do not support any near-term action since there is much more we would need to learn. This concept is really aimed at the distant future.

A project of this magnitude would, of course, require a robust and thorough public process before any decision could be made, and I find it highly unlikely that we would even begin that process during the next four years.