The Former Public Works Site

The Former Public Works Site at Grandview

The Housing and Redevelopment Authority (made up of the same five people who serve as the City Council) recently terminated the partnership agreement it had with Frauenshuh Company with the idea of co-redevelopment of the old Public Works site. I anticipate that the HRA and the City Council will not be considering any new plans for the site for some number of months to come, or possibly years.

Many volunteers have contributed countless hours evaluating and analyzing public input regarding proposed uses for the site. That work has not been lost. But there is also no consensus about how the site will be developed. Time will tell.

I believe it is important to use City assets like the former public works site to further build the sense of community in Edina. Our community needs places where people can gather, meet with their neighbors, and connect with other residents. We need facilities that act as community focal points for planned and unplanned activities. I will promote a community catalyst at all of Edina’s city-owned sites.

The City’s web page about the former public works site can be found here ยป